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Nobody wants to see similar designs every time they visit websites. Refreshing designs are always on demand and it is a key element to draw attention and interest. Many might advise “There are a countless number of templates already ready for a few dollars; There’s no need for a web designer.” But is that how much your business is worth? A few dollars? Your business reflects your effort and dedication; it deserves the finest design. Team CloudBear’s creative designers are originative visionaries. They work in an open environment that always bring out the potential in them. Our designers are focused and are continuously on a role until they themselves find satisfaction in the design. Leaving a lasting impression, our designs are both eye-catching and distinctive.

Despite the complications behind the science and mathematics of technology, it is a human creation and is continuously developed under human rules and demands. Similarly, you are the rule maker of your website. Your desired website for your business must perfectly fit your needs; it should accomplish precise functions that meet your purpose and desires. Need a sophisticated, personalized website for your business? Then templates should not even be a consideration. They have limited capabilities. Sophistication comes from creative designers and intricacy and refinement comes from specialized tech experts. With the support of our tech-savvy Team 42, Team XQ will effectively and affectively customize your web to a functional reality.

People are always on their feet, busy with their life, but one of the few things people never forget is their cell phones. Even if they are late for work, most likely, they would go back for it. That is how significant mobility and compatibility is. With the variety of devices people carry, your web will be available to your customers wherever and whenever. The responsive design that our Team XQ provides, adjusts every component that creates a website to fit any gadget whether it be a desktop, laptop, both android and apple tablet, any cell phone or even a device that was just released. Through reorganized and repositioned images, logos, text and even the layout, your website created by Team XQ will never give up its charm no matter size or ratio of the screen. Your web site is a masterpiece that will keep its finest look at all times.

S.E.O.(Search Engine Optimization) is the specialized technique to expose your website frequently on search engines such as Google and to have your web site listed on the first page of search results when potential customers input keywords related to your business. Becoming a top ranker of each keyword depends on many variables: World Wide Web Consortium’s protocols, web design standards, a strong business’s identity, robot-friendly coding, well-organized structure and programming, etc. In addition, the grading policy of search engines changes by online circumstances, requiring constant and precise SEO maintenance. The fundamental first step is to develop a SEO-friendly Website. Even extremely expensive log-analysis systems cannot bring your web to a high rank since web development neglects SEO techniques. Team XQ will pull your website up the ranks with an essential SEO-friendly structure. Not only you and our members of Team CloudBear but also Search Engines will be attracted to your web site.

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We connect your web to your app
Simple, Convenient but Sophisticated Business Management

42 is our tech savvy support team. Coding and Restoring: an impressive form of art.

Easy management system for your business!
Team 42 creates P.O.S. systems and mobile device applications fit for your business that are connected to your website.
Run your business with ease with the help of our experts: P.O.S., app, and website, an all-in-one system.

Our tech-experts, Team 42 handles various tools: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, etc. With web-tech, rapidly changing even at this moment, you are frequently faced with inevitable difficulties and complications. Team 42 welcome these problems. We find joy in not only debugging codes, exploring various logics and algorithms but also coming up with innovative solutions.
We are diligent and determined; we prevent your website from encountering these problems. Despite the frequent and countless web hazards, your website will be safe with Team 42.


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