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Challenge us. At Team CloudBear we grow and thrive on challenges.

Fresh but professional, Team CloudBear is an agency located in New York, NY specializing in web development and design.Team Cloudbear consists of three specialized teams: Team XQ: the innovative designers, Team 42: the app developing tech squad, and Team Burgerr: the videographers and motion producers. Our close knit teams work together through support and honest criticism.

Our passion for what we do MOTIVATES us but it is our clients who INSPIRE us. In return, our experts at Team CloudBear add a splash of tech-forward creativity for our clients who might need a little help to ENHANCE and BRAND their business.

The Members


Esther C. L.
Head Interactive Developer
Team XQ

Brian S. P.
Social Media Marketing Strategist
Team XQ

Allie. K
Head Creative Developer
Team XQ


David S. P.
System Engineer
Team 42

Jaedon L.
Full Stack Developer
Team 42

Kyle H.
Back-end Programmer
Team 42


Daniel C.
Media Producer
Team Burgerr

Hyejin Song
Motion Graphic Designer
Team Burgerr

Jane S. N.
Media Art Director
Team Burgerr

Ria R.
Team Burgerr


“Hold the vision, Trust the process.” – Unknown Author

The Plan:
We consider this part the most important step of the process for both you and Team CloudBear. We are here to listen and learn about you, your business and your needs and wants. Once we hear your story, we will add modern ideas to help you realize and keep you on track with current marketplace trends both design wise and function wise.

The Execution:
You will be part of the design process every step of the way. Through continuous communication, we will bring your ideas and concepts to life. We are proud of our originality. The images, the fonts, logos and even the videos we use are unique to each and every business we brand and enhance. Our professional developers bring all the designs together and produce a one of a kind website.

The Outcome:
Your website will be ready for you to brand your business online. After multiple testing, from cross-browsing to responsive design, the solution to enhance your business will be functional and impressively productive.


We stand behind our successful work ethics

We are upfront and honest with our clients and always welcome our clients to be part of the design and developmental process. There is no communication that is passed up a hierarchy, therefore no confusion. We lay it out exactly how it is.

No Outsourcing
Simple answer: we don’t need it. That’s why we have our three specialized teams. We cooperate between our teams with honest criticism and support that improve all aspects whether it be design or development.

We are always on time. We are dealing with your business, and in business we understand there is no ifs and buts. If our clients keep it reasonable, we stay with the schedule. “Team CloudBear never sleeps;” we are always on the role.

Think outside the box

Brand and Enhance your Business’s Online Identity

Let’s Get Started!